My Turn: Let’s have an honest talk about suicide

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and you may have heard the phrase, “Each mind matters.” Why does each mind matter? Mental health is something we all have. Just as our bodies need attention, our minds also need nourishment and care. Suicide rates are increasing and there is a relationship between mental illness and suicide. […]

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My Turn: Let’s talk budget

Counties throughout California are at various stages of preparing their fiscal year 2017-18 budgets. While each county has unique challenges based on economic and social demographics, many are similar. As subdivisions of the state, counties are required by law to perform certain state functions, many of which are underfunded. State legislators have given counties responsibility […]

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My Turn: Leaving a legacy of light and love

Preaching an inspirational song of love, faith and courage, nationally acclaimed mental health speaker and activist Jordan Burnham recently came to Oak Ridge High School accompanied by a chorus of strength and motivation. His words touched the hearts of each listener on that miraculous afternoon. More than 100 students attended Jordan’s afternoon session and many […]

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Messy trees

EDITOR: As a homeowner in Serrano, I applaud the overall planning and development of this community. However, there seems to be one major flaw in the choice of a particular tree that was planted, which is a very messy type of oak tree. (I believe it is the Pin oak.) The leaves of these trees […]

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My Turn: To keep college affordable, we must hold universities accountable

Earlier this year, I called on both the UC Board of Regents and CSU Trustees to halt proposed tuition increases until at least the spring,when the state auditor was due to release two reports on the spending of the UC Office of the president and the California State University system. Joining with other legislators and […]

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The March for Science

What was the March for Science about? Was it physical science or political science? It was about political science because federal research and development (R&D) funding hasn’t changed much in the last 40 years. The federal budget has grown rapidly in the last 20 years due to increased spending on social services not discretionary services. […]

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Can you hear me now, Tom?

EDITOR: To United States Representative Tom McClintock, My name is Mitchell Cichella. I am a constituent from Cameron Park. I am writing to you today because I am tired of leaving you voicemails. I called your Roseville and D.C. offices every day last week. In D.C. I left messages. In Roseville I listened to your message […]

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