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Senior News: May 2014

Spring Fling was great With more than 200 attending, everyone had a good time. The lunch was delicious and the band was outstanding with many dancers on the dance floor. The prizes were great and won by many happy people. Everyone went home smiling! The party was sponsored by the El Dorado Hills Support Council, […]

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Mothers: Who they are and what they give us

I picked out cards to give for Mother’s Day last week and kept having to double check myself because I felt like I was forgetting someone. I wanted to remember my grandchildren’s mothers (my daughter and daughters in law). It wasn’t until I was back in my car heading back to work that I remembered. […]

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Billingsley’s Bullets: Marriage makes me laugh

I’ve recently been speaking to a couple of groups about “The Fun of Being Married.” While researching the subject, I ran across some funny comments regarding marriage, such as the following. Danny Archuleta provided the following “Men Are Just Happier People” quotes: • “When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in […]

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C.L. Raffety for Treasurer-Tax Collector

Sometimes, in choosing a political candidate to vote for, it’s really as simple as voting for the one most qualified for the position. In the race for Treasurer-Tax Collector, it is obvious that it is C.L. Raffety. In the position since 1985, Raffety obviously has the experience necessary for the job. In her first term, […]

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Crib Notes: Middle school phone wars

The verdict is still out whether or not the MTV effect will work on my sixth-grader. When I was his age my mom delayed letting me watch MTV long enough that by the time I had the freedom to watch it, I’d never developed the habit and lost interest. My son still doesn’t have a […]

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Open letter to the El Dorado County supervisors

EDITOR: I am writing to you today as an El Dorado County resident to express my point of view on the various ballot initiatives that are being circulated in the county that are attempting to put measures on the ballot to restrict the 1.03 percent growth/development called for in the current El Dorado County General […]

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