Master Food Preservers: What’s in your pantry?

Summer Brasuel UCCE Master Food Preserver of El Dorado County The most rewarding thing about home preserving is having a variety of pantry items at my fingertips; items I know my family loves and enjoys with the added bonus of feeling good about the ingredients contained in those jars. Meat broth, salsas, tomato products of […]

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Straw bale gardening is a creative, fun activity

Art is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” My guess is that gardening is one of the most ancient arts out there. About the same time the first hunter/cave painter spread ocher on a rock, some gatherer took notice of the connection between seed and soil. The ancient gardens […]

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Grow for it! — grow vegetables in small spaces with grow bags

Raymond Schoenwandt UCCE Master Gardener of El Dorado County Many people would love to grow their own vegetables but are limited by the lack of space. For some the answer has been to grow a garden in containers. Container gardens give many without the room for raised beds or in-ground the ability to grow vegetables. However, […]

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Save the date? Yes, but take action

  Life gets complicated.   Our agendas are full and moving at light speed.   It’s like packing for a weekend trip. You want to stuff 20 outfits into a single overnight bag to be prepared for every possibility. But it just doesn’t work.   So, to simplify our lives, someone invented “save the date.” […]

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Grow For It! Rain gardens — a new approach

Alice Cantelow UCCE Master Gardener of El Dorado County Remember the old days when you could just throw water at any plant you chose for your garden to get it to thrive? Now we know better — wet winter or not, drought or not, we’ve learned that our California water is precious and limited. Water conservation in our homes […]

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Fiber arts, quilts converge at Folsom Civic Center

 Every February, one of the significant quilt and fiber exhibits in the Western U.S. comes to the Folsom Civic Center: the annual quilt show of the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild. The show is at the Folsom Community Center on Natoma Street the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of February. This year, the FQFG is […]

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Folsom Lake Symphony concert testifies to ‘Russian Romance’

There is a certain emotional appeal in Russian music. A tortured, bittersweet, triumph of the human spirit in vibrations that travel from a musical instrument to the human ear. A Slav who yearns for release. Invisible — even secret — until it communicates with the heart. In February Maestro Peter Jaffe and the Folsom Lake Symphony bring […]

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