Buttered and Salty: Leap!

LEAP!  * * 1/2 PG, 1 h 29 min, Animation/Adventure/Family  When reviewing a movie that so clearly wasn’t produced with my demographic in mind, I look for two things: 1) Does it reach the quality of the films it is obviously imitating (Pixar) and 2) Did the kids in the audience react positively to it? In […]

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Take a ‘Shore Leave’ at Fairytale Town

Life is complicated. And the more our families experience during each 48-hour news cycle these days, the more our little ones are impacted. Add to that an over-exposure to technology, a lack of outdoor play and an absence of exposure to classic childhood literature … It’s a recipe for disaster. That isn’t good. In one […]

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Buttered & Salty: ‘A Place in the Sun’ and ‘Step’

To celebrate the 66th anniversary of the release of “A Place in the Sun,” which was released this week in 1951,  we take a look at one of the most revered Academy Award winning films ever shot in our area.  A Place In the Sun (1951)   *  *  *  Not Rated, 2 h 2 min In […]

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Buttered and Salty: “The Dark Tower”

“The Dark Tower” commits the cardinal sin of bad movies: It’s boring. That’s quite a feat for a motion picture that is only 95 minutes long.  Before getting to the meat and potatoes of this review, let’s turn back the clock a bit; one of the four writers of “The Dark Tower” is a man […]

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Pioneer medicine: Plant two seeds and call me in the spring

By Charlie Basham UCCE Master Gardener of El Dorado County Staying healthy in Frontier America was a daily life or death challenge. There were countless diseases, illnesses and situations that could easily lead to permanent disabilities — or to an even more permanent death. It was an era when the importance of good hygiene and […]

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California’s state fair a real honey

This year the focus is on agriculture at the California State Fair. To be sure, there are concerts and entertainments galore. Deep-fried goodies on a stick, too. When you meander through the indoor and outdoor exhibits, though, it is rather refreshing to see a focus on what foods are produced in the Golden State, the […]

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Wholesome family fare at Northern California’s ‘other’ big fair

On Friday two of Northern California’s biggest fairs open to the public. Both offer unique experiences. Both have long traditions. The one I’m sharing with you today, however, is “the little fair that delivers” — in a big way — for 10 full, fun-packed days. And it’s got shade. Path to adventure The Stanislaus County […]

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