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Grow for it! Sherwood Demonstration Garden: Succulent Garden

Deborah Hager UCCE Master Gardener of El Dorado County The Succulent Garden at the Sherwood Demonstration Garden in Placerville is a stunning illustration of this large group of plants which can thrive in El Dorado County. This educational garden is filled with plantings that are experimental so that we can all learn what plants are […]

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Untold stories of El Dorado Hills, Folsom revealed

Once upon a time, there was a group of people that wanted to preserve the history of the tri-county area. Some were the sons and daughters of pioneers. Others were newcomers who fell in love with this region. All were committed to preserving the stories of Folsom, Clarksville/El Dorado Hills, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova and the […]

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Book offers a peek inside Preston Castle

Book: “Capturing the Castle” Author: Angelica R. Jackson Publisher: Crow and Pitcher Press, published May 2017, 62 pages, softcover Have you ever wondered what is inside the mysterious red brick castle on the hill in Ione? While there are tours available for the public, you can also take a peek with Angelica R. Jackson’s new […]

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The art of living life to the full

It’s funny how we humans pursue success. There are many ways to go about it. No matter the approach, a successful life (from what I’ve also observed) takes tremendous heart. It requires action and a level head. And it’s not easy. So, what are some of the fundamentals in crafting the “life of no regrets?” […]

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Grow For It! Got lawn?

Sarah Robinson UCCE Master Gardener After the abundant rains this winter, many of us who have kept some area of grassy lawn in our landscapes are enjoying the deep green color. Despite living in a Mediterranean climate, which typically has no rainfall from May through October, we would like to maintain these areas. Whether the […]

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Folsom Lake Symphony’s ‘Festa Italiana’ a feast for the musical soul

In Italian “festa” simply translates as “festival.” But in actuality an Italian festa is so much more. Within the culture it celebrates the life of a Christian saint. The faithful joyfully attend Mass. Homes and plazas sport decorations. Traditional foods, with recipes handed down for generations, comfort the body as well as the soul. Small […]

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Celebrating a decade of beauty in Folsom’s Civic Center

One of the blessings of living in the tri-counties area is the vast amount of opportunity to experience life to the fullest. Whether your interests lean to the great outdoors or to the infinite worlds of the arts, there is something for you. This week, our focus is on the Gallery at 48 Natoma in […]

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