Crime Watch

El Dorado Hills Crime Watch: Feb 1 through Sept. 5

By July 7, 2011

The following information was taken from El Dorado County sheriff’s reports:

Out of service
Sept. 5: A man reported that someone stole his cell phone left in a vehicle parked on Lombardia Way.

Sept. 3: Deputies arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance on Lennox Drove.

After school trouble
Sept. 3: Someone entered an unlocked Oak Ridge High School classroom and stole a computer.

Trashed the can
Sept. 2: A 48-year-old man allegedly vandalized a Green Valley Road bar’s restroom.

Sept. 2: A 45-year-old parolee was arrested after a deputy reportedly found the man in possession of a hypodermic needle following a traffic stop on El Dorado Hills Boulevard.

Need direction
Sept. 2: Thieves busted into a truck parked outside a Berkshire Drive home and stole a GPS and the garage door opener. Another vehicle break-in occurred the same night on Alta Vista Court; a stereo was stolen.

Indecent exposure
Sept. 2: A 15-year-old girl reported that a 17-year-old boy exposed himself to her while on a school bus.

Burglars at it again
Sept. 1: A victim reported a vehicle burglary on Bairdsley Place.

Kicked in
Sept. 1: Someone kicked in a Malcolm Dixon Road home’s front door and entered the residence. An identical burglary took place on Highland Hills Drive; an iPad was taken from that residence.

Tough lesson
Aug. 30: Two students, age 14, were caught on campus — one reportedly with marijuana and the other allegedly had smoking paraphernalia. Both were cited and released to their parents.

Just grand
Aug. 29: A grand theft was reported on Harvard Way.

Ride and dash
Aug. 28: Two men reportedly ran from a taxi without paying after the driver dropped them off near Valley View Parkway. Later on the same street a vehicle was burglarized but there is no apparent connection.

Aug. 26: A man walking on Valley View Parkway was reportedly struck by eggs thrown by teenagers.

Uninvited guest
Aug. 26: A Crocker Drive resident reported that someone tried to break into his guest house. Deputies did find fingerprints at the scene.

Making his case
Aug. 26: A Francisco Drive business owner reported that an 18-year-old man tried to steal a case of whiskey from his store.

Disappearing keys
Aug. 25: A Montrose Way resident reported that three sets of keys were missing from her home.

More vehicle burglary
Aug. 25: A Portsmouth Drive resident reported a vehicle burglary. Another was reported on Loch Way.

Aug. 20: Deputies arrested a 47-year-old man on suspicion of public intoxication in Town Center after he reportedly challenged people in a bar to a fight.

On a sour note
Aug. 19: A thief busted out the back window of a vehicle parked on Sweet Water Creek Trail and stole the victim’s purse. The suspect used a Visa card at a nearby Valero and was caught on tape; he has not been identified yet.

Illegal entry
Aug. 19: A burglary from an Alyssum Circle garage was reported.

Rash of vehicle break-ins
Aug. 19: A vehicle owner reported that someone busted into her car parked on Richardson Circle and stole cash out of the center console. Another vehicle on the same street was also rummaged through, items were missing from another vehicle parked nearby on Markham Court and a vehicle on Stanford Lane was also tampered with.

Aug. 18: A burglary was reported on Loch Way.

Wallet found
Aug. 18: A construction working found a wallet on the Highway 50 onramp at Latrobe and turned it over to the Sheriff’s Department.

Junk in the trunk
Aug. 17: Thieves opened the trunk of a vehicle parked on Shasta Circle and stole several items.

Just browsing
Aug. 17: A Calaveras Drive resident found her overhead garage door open and someone had rummaged through her vehicle parked in side but nothing appeared to be missing.

Aug. 14: Someone stole the bucket seats from a boat parked on Arches Avenue.

Slide on in
Aug. 13: Thieves entered a Portsmouth Drive home through the sliding glass door and stole electronics.

Brave move
Aug. 13: A witness tried to stop thieves who stole some golf clubs from a home on Wrangler Place by climbing on the suspects’ getaway car. The Good Samaritan was flung off the vehicle.

Holy fence, Batman
Aug. 13: A resident on Rock Lane reported that someone cut a hole in her cyclone fence.

Aug. 12: A Crestline Circle resident reported that her home was burglarized while she was at work.

Aug. 12: A theft was reported in Town Center.

Aug. 11: Someone busted out the back windows of a truck parked on Darwin Place and stole a laptop left in the vehicle.

Neighborhood blight
Aug. 11: Vandalism was reported on Kensington Drive.

Ride damaged
Aug. 9: Someone loosened the lug nuts and painted the passenger’s side window of a 16-year-old boy’s truck parked on Harvard Way.

Vehicle check
Aug. 6: Deputies checking on a suspicious vehicle parked on Saratoga Way ended up arresting a 34-year-old man on suspicion of felony vandalism.

Aug. 4: Thieves made off with at least $20,000 worth of construction equipment, copper and brass after they busted into a Blackstone Road construction area.

Vandals strike
Aug. 4: A Bonita Drive resident reported that someone vandalized his vehicle.

Laptops gone
Aug. 3: Burglars forced entry into a Sapphire Way home and stole a laptop computer. Another laptop when missing from a vehicle parked on Kensington Drive.

School damage
Aug. 3: Vandalism was reported at a Sailsbury Drive school.

Wiped out
Aug. 2. A thief got away with a stereo and navigation unit from a vehicle parked on Monte Verde Drive.

Dog gotcha
July 31: A sheriff’s K-9 reportedly sniffed out  drug paraphernalia during a traffic stop on El Dorado Hills Boulevard. The 28-year-old driver was arrested.

Couldn’t get away
July 30: Deputies pulled over a suspected petty thief on Post Street and arrested the 19-year-old man on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Where’s the gold?
July 30: A resident reported losing a plastic bag with four pieces of gold jewelry inside on Redwood Lane.

Missing mail
July 30: A Powers Drive resident reported that someone stole his neighbor’s mail and peeked into other mailboxes.

Window smashed
July 30: Someone broke the front window of a Robert J. Mathews Parkway business but there were no signs of entry.

Sound the alarm
July 30: A deputy responding to a Town Center business’ burglary alarm found evidence of forced entry but the owner could not confirm anything was taken.

July 29: A vehicle owner reported that someone stole several items from her vehicle parked on Patterson Way.

A burglar found it
July 29: A residential burglary was reported on Hidden Acres Drive.

Change up
July 29: A Souza Drive resident spotted a man going through his neighbor’s vehicle. The suspect fled on foot but was apprehended. The vehicle owner reported only change missing from the car. He did not desire prosecution.

Club caper
July 28: A Shortlidge Court resident reported his golf clubs stolen from the garage.

Just grand
July 27: A grand theft was reported on Wilson Boulevard.

Not DOT approved
July 26: Vandals spray-painted a Department of Transportation sound wall along Park Drive.

School suffers
July 25: Vandals struck at a Francisco Drive school.

Possible attack
July 25: A 25-year-old woman reported that she thinks someone possibly
entered her Sweet Valley Road home, drugged her and sexually and physically assaulted her. The case has been forwarded to Investigations for review.

Burglars strike
July 24: A home on Halifax Way was burglarized.

Vehicle burglarized
July 24: A Brisbane Circle resident reported a vehicle burglary. A second vehicle in the neighborhood was found vandalized.

Big steal
July 23: Burglars forced their way into an Outrigger Drive home and stole electronics and jewelry, Fingerprints were found at the scene.

While you were out
July 23: A couple returned to their King James Way home following a trip and reportedly discovered that their house-sitter had thrown a party during which three women’s rings were apparently taken.

Backseat burglar
July 22: A thief busted the window of a vehicle parked on Harvard Way and swiped a purse from the back seat.

Smash & grab
July 22: Someone busted out a window at a Golden Foothill Parkway business and stole items.

Hanging out, man
July 21: A 20-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy allegedly in possession of marijuana were found at a park on Moonstone Circle. Both were cited and released.

July 21: Two 15-year-old girls were caught after they allegedly eggs a Borders Drive home and vehicles.

Kicked in
July 20: Someone kicked in the back door of a Portsmouth Drive residence. Nothing appeared to be taken.

Open door
July 20: an Aberdeen Lane resident reported that a thief took air soft equipment from his unlocked vehicle.

July 20: A petty theft was reported on Harvard Way.

Smelly pranks
July 19: An Arrowhead Drive resident found dog feces on the doorstep and splattered eggs on her home.

Unappreciated art
July 18: Someone sprayed graffiti on the sound wall along Arrowhead Drive.

In trouble
July 18: Two teen boys, ages 14 and 15, were arrested on suspicion of burglary after a theft was reported on Post Street.

Felony arrests
July 18: Two women, ages 21 and 25, were arrested on Francisco Drive during a felony warrant service. Deputies reportedly found narcotics and hypodermic needles.

No Houdini
July 17: A 35-year-old man contacted on Town center Boulevard reportedly became hostile towards deputies. He was cuffed but later the deputy reported that the suspect had slipped his handcuffs to the front and tried unlocking them with his watch clasp.

Who do you call
July 17: Someone stole the memory card out of a cell phone on Francisco Drive.

Overnight withdrawal
July 14: A Birmingham Way resident reported that someone took her purse from her unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway during the night.

Vexing vandals
July 12: Vandalism was reported on Brook Mar Drive.

Too tipsy
July 12: A 21-year-old man was arrested on Valley View Parkway after deputies reportedly determined he was too intoxicated to care for himself.

Tricky trespasser
July 10: A Rock Lane resident reported that someone damaged her “No Trespassing” sign.

Take the money and run
July 8: An unidentified male suspect grabbed a donation jug off the counter at the El Dorado Hills Library. A Good Samaritan trying to catch the suspect was punched.

Just grand
July 7: A grand theft was reported of Francisco Drive.

Washed up
July 6: Someone unscrewed a Mormon Island Drive resident’s pool filler, causing the yard to flood.

Not from the concession stand
July 6: A bottle marked “medical cannabis” was found at the Vine Street movie theatre and handed over to the Sheriff’s Department.

Open door
July 6: A burglary victim reported that someone stole items from his unlocked vehicle parked on Salmon Falls Road.

Tired of trouble
July 5: A vehicle owner reported that someone slashed his tires on Serrano Parkway.

Determined thief
July 4: Another locked vehicle was burglarized, this time on Larkstone Place.

Bottled up
July 3: A person walking on Kensington Drive reportedly found a pill bottle with marijuana inside. The drug was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department for destruction.

Short trip
July 3: A boater witnessed a 41-year-old man tossing a suitcase into the river from Salmon Falls Road. The boater retrieved the suitcase and turned it over to deputies, who found the suspect’s address inside. They contacted the man, advised him against littering and returned the suitcase.

July 2: A thief forced entry into a locked vehicle parked on Sophia Parkway, stealing $50 worth of items and causing $250 in damage.

Family dispute
July 1: A 24-year-old woman allegedly under the influence of a controlled substance went to jail after deputies responded to a disturbance report at the family’s Cordero Drove home.

White Rock bust
July 1: Deputies cited a 27-year-old woman for allegedly possessing a methamphetamine pipe after she was found in a parked car on White Rock Road.

Angry driver
June 30: A 28-year-old man reported a road rage incident on Latrobe Road; his vehicle was damaged by another driver.

Car vandalized
June 29: Someone damaged a vehicle parked outside a Cranberry Lane apartment.

Smash & grab
June 28: A burglar broke a vehicle’s window and stole a laptop on Harvard Way. Another vehicle burglary was reported on Post Street.

Copper swiped
June 28: Thieves stole copper from a site on White Rock Road.

Signing off
June 27: An El Dorado Hills Boulevard business owner reported the theft of his business’ sign.

Accompanied home
June 25: Deputies reportedly found a 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old boy in a parked car on Wyndham and, after a search, discovered marijuana and smoking paraphernalia. They boys were cited and released to their parents.

June 25: A 24-year-old man was reportedly hit multiple times in the face by a 20-year-old man on Valley View Parkway.

Home burglarized
June 24: Thieves made off with jewelry and computers after breaking into a Brook Mar Court home.

Trailed off
June 24: A Woedee Drive resident reported his boat trailer and license plates stolen

Late night
June 24: Two 15-year-old boys received citations after a deputy spotted them on Francisco Drive past curfew.

Full pockets
June 22: A 24-year-old man was arrested on Montridge Way after deputies reportedly found him in possession of  hypodermic needles and, later, herion.

Spare change
June 22: A thief broke into a vehicle parked on Concordia Drive and stole change. On the same street a mountain bike and two paris of shoes were taken from an open garage. Another vehicle burglary was reported on Busselton Way.

Do not enter
June 21: Two men, ages 54 ad 57, were cited for allegedly trespassing on Falcon Crest Lane property.

Open medicine cabinet
June 19: A Portsmouth Drive resident reported that someone stole his prescription medication during an open house.

Salmon Falls, again
June 17: Thieves broke the back window of a vehicle and stole a bag of clothes.

Smash & grab
June 16: A burglar kicked in a Monte Mar Drive’s back door and stole cash from a desk drawer.

June 15: A 28-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly burglarized a Wyndham Place home. Deputies reportedly found him with an illegal weapon.

Big steal
June 15: A vehicle owner who parked on Salmon Falls Road reported that someone stole more than $1,000 worth of items from his car.

Something’s suspicious
June 14: Two 18-year-old vandalism suspects were arrested on Villagio Drive after deputies responded to a suspicious vehicle call.

Vehicle targeted
June 13: A vehicle burglary was reported in Town Center.

Lost keys
June 13: A Valley View Parkway tenant reportedly that she thinks someone stole her keys from her unlocked apartment.

Sign of remorse
June 13: A 16-year-old boy was arrested after allegedly burglarizing a Miramont Court home, taking the victim’s car and then returning it.

Stolen car
June 13: Deputies contacted an 18-year-old man on Platt Circle and discovered that the car he had in his possession was allegedly stole in South Lake Tahoe. The teen reportedly confessed to the theft and was taken to jail.

More theft
June 13: A grand theft was reported on Manning Drive.

Open door
June 13: A petty theft from a vehicle was reported on Green Valley Road.

Tell the truth
June 12: A 16-year-old girl received a citation after she allegedly gave false information to deputies responding to a burglary call on Bonita Court.

Out of control
June 11: CHP offers on the ground and in the air tracked down a motorcycle rider who was allegedly recklessly riding on Salmon Falls Road. The 26-year-old man was arrested.

Bold burglars
June 11: A burglar kicked in a Highland Hills home’s door and burglarized the residence. A little ways down the road another home was burglarized on Loch Way where a large amount of property and a vehicle were stolen. The vehicle was alter recovered in Sacramento County.

Rude awakening
June 11: Residents of a Sheffield Way home awoke to the sound of someone kinging in the front door. The suspect fled.

Return to sender
June 11: Deputies arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of public intoxication after they reportedly found him passed out and blocking the sidewalk in front of the El Dorado Hills POst Office.

June 10: An unidentified man walked into the sheriff’s substation and allegedly told volunteers his wife was going to flee the country with casino winnings. The man ale reportedly presented a separation letter from the CIA and a certificate of training in radio active materials.

Three to-go
June 9: A Post Street store employee reportedly caught a 45-year-old woman hiding three bottles of alcohol in her purse. The suspect was cited a released.

Vandal monsters
June 8: Vandalism was reported on Loch Way.

Powered up
June 7: Graffiti artists vandalized two Silva Valley Parkway power boxes.

Headstones gone
June 7: Two gravestones containing a derogatory word were stolen from the Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery.

Break in
June 5: A burglary was reported on Stanford Lane.

June 5: A vehicle owner reported seeing an Embarcadero saloon patrol toss a patio chair off the patio, hitting and damaging the victim’s car.

Inn for the night
June 4: An 80-year-old woman reported a burglary on Post Street; thieves broke into her vehicle parked over night at a hotel.

Food & drink
June 4: A 26-year-old man received a citation after allegedly confessing to shoplifting food and alcohol from the Safeway.

That didn’t work out
June 2: A 20-year-old woman reported that someone broke into her vehicle parked on Post Street while she worked out at the gym. Another vehicle burglary was reported nearby on Town Center Boulevard and another occurred on Harvard Way.

Scary outburst
May 31: An 18-year-old man reportedly threatened people inside a Stonehurst Drive home. He reportedly picked up a chair and held it over the victim in a threatening manner and stabbed a door with a knife.

May 28: A man was severely beaten on Valley View Parkway. The unknown assailant broke the 21-year-old’s jaw.

May 28: A healthcare supply office was burglarized on Golden Foothill Parkway.

Trip to juvi
May 27: A 16-year-old  went to juvenile hall after she reportedly tried to shoplift at Nugget Market on Post Street.

iPod gone
May 27: A young girl’s iPod Touch was reported stolen at a Vine Street business.

Family feud
May 27: A 20-year-old man was arrested after allegedly injuring his father on Shoreline Pointe.

Cleaned out
May 26: A Cartina Way couple reported that they suspect members of a cleaning crew stole 25 pieces of jewelry from their home.

May 25: When confronted by authorities a 30-year-old woman reportedly admitted to felony vandalism on Bridlewood Drive.

Commercial criminal
May 25: An apparent burglar kicked in the doors of three businesses inside a commercial building on Embarcadero but nothing was reported stolen.

Surprise attack
May 25: A 26-year-old woman reported that another woman she knew attacked her on Gelston Way and stole some clothing.

Rode away
May 25: Someone took a Ridgeview Drive resident’s $1,700 mountain bike from his garage.

May 24: A 30-year-old woman reported that someone swiped her iPad left on a bench on Post Street.

How alarming
May 24: A thief pried open the back door of a Windplay Drive business but was apparently scared off by the alarm.

Concentrate on the road
May 23: A 25-year-old woman pulled over for an allegedly traffic violation on El Dorado Hills Boulevard reportedly had 199.5 grams of concentrated cannabis in her vehicle. She was arrested.

Nobody’s home
May 23: Vandalism was reported at a bank-owned Devon Way home.

What’s missing?
May 23: A Ridgeview Drive resident reported a grand theft.

Class clown strikes
May 23: School officials reported vandalism on a Silva Valley Parkway campus.

Bike found
May 22: A bicycle was discovered on Ridgeview Drive and taken to the Sheriff’s Department property room.

He started it!
May 22: Three men, ages 20, 21 and 26, reportedly got into a fight on White Rock Road. One was arrested.

Party on
May 21: Deputies responding to a noise call on Capetanios Drive reportedly found multiple underage suspects drinking alcohol at a residence.

Wallet gone
May 21:
A burglary victim reported that a thief broke into her vehicle parked on Olson Lane and stole a wallet and cash.

Guard your trucks
May 20:
Two catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles parked on Cascara Court.

More theft
May 18: A grand theft was reported on Montrose Way.

Vandals strike
May 17: A vehicle owner reported that someone keyed and sprayed an unknown substance on her vehicle while it was parked at the Post Street Park and Ride.

Got the goods this time
May 16: A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked on Valley View Parkway.

Fleeing the scene
May 15: Three suspects were seen trying to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked on Yosemite Lane. They fled in a Honda Civic.

May 14: Someone threw a rock through a Valley View resident’s window.

Shotgun found
May 14: While walking along Salmon Falls Road a man found a shotgun. He flagged down and officer and turned over the weapon.

Disconnected drivers
May 14: Two 19-year-old men were reportedly involved in a road rage incident on Silva Valley Parkway.

Easy steal
May 13: A woman reported that someone stole her wallet from an unlocked vehicle parked on Francisco Drive.

Stolen treasure
May 12: Stolen property from three different victims was found on Brittany Way.

Neighborly dispute
May 11: A 34-year-old woman was cited and released after allegedly battering her neighbor on Valley View Parkway.

Not so lost
May 10: Two suspicions people driving a Volkswagen reportedly knocked on a Ridgeview Drive door and asked for directions; Suspects matching their description allegedly committed a burglary in the same neighborhood later that day.

May 10: An apparent burglar entered a Rolph Way home and was scared off by the homeowner. The male suspect fled in a waiting vehicle.

Ain’t so grand
May 10: A grand theft was reported on Harvard Way.

Successful search
May 9: Deputies conduction a probation search on Riviera Circle reportedly found heroin and a hypodermic needle in the 21-year-old woman’s possession. She was arrested.

Road rage
May 8: An unidentified man reportedly tried to ram his vehicle into another vehicle on Harvard Way. the suspect fled the scene.

Houdini move
May 8: A 31-year-old man reportedly slipped out of his handcuffs and challenged deputies. He was tased and taken to jail.

May 7: A vehicle was burglarized on Falcon Crest Lane.

May 7: Deputies arrested a 24-year-old man on Latham Lane after the reportedly found him in possession of marijuana

Too much
May 7: A 25-year-old man was arrested on Vine Street on suspicion of public intoxication.

Cycling in circles
May 6: A 53-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of riding her bike on Valley View Parkway while under the influence of alcohol.

Illegal cargo
May 6: A 23-year-old man was arrested after deputies reportedly found him in possession of illegal drugs and weapons on Golden Foothill parkway.

More Salmon Falls trouble
May 6: A couple reported that someone burglarized their vehicle also parked on Salmon Falls Road.

The shirt off his back
May 5: A Sacramento resident reported that someone broke into his car parked on Salmon Falls road and stole several polo shirts.

Break in
May 3: A vehicle burglary was reported on Salmon Falls Road.

Another purse gone
May 3: A thief took a purse from an unlocked car parked on Harvard Way.

Official gear?
May 2: A walker found a FBI embroidered fleece coat and keys on the side of Birmingham Way. The items were turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.

May 1: Deputies arrested a 25-year-old allegedly intoxicated man at Town Center.

May 1: A women reported her purse stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked on Harvard Way.

Door buster
April 30: A thief used a rock to break a glass door on a Sortwell Court home.

Wallet gone
April 30: A man reported his wallet and cash stolen on Damico Drive.

April 30: Someone used a tool to scratch the glass on an Aston Place residence.

April 30: A burglar smashed a vehicle’s window on Serrano Parkway and stole some items.

Too much
April 30: A 50-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication in Town Center.

Teen trouble
April 29: A 17-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man were cited for allegedly possessing alcohol on Toll Brothers development property.

Big loss
April 29: An Amherst Way couple reported falling for a scam in which they’ve reportedly lost $130,000 over five months.

Unhappy rider
April 28: While a bicyclist enjoyed a ride along Salmon Falls Road a burglar broke into his vehicle and stole items.

April 28: A vehicle owner parked on Robert J Mathews Parkway reported vandalism to his vehicle.

April 28: A would-be burglar busted a glass door on a Greeview Drive home and set off an alarm. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

Bad nerves
April 28: Deputies arrested a 35-year-old man on Timberline Ridge Court after they reportedly determined he was on a nervous system stimulant.

Prints found
April 27: A burglar entered a Telegraph Hill Drive home and stole items of value while the homeowners were out of town. Deputies did find several fingerprints at the scene.

More theft springs up
April 27: Another vehicle burglary was reported on Springburn Way.

TV hour
April 26: A large television was found on the side of White Rock Road.

Wrong number
April 25: A cell phone was stolen from a Harvard Way teacher’s purse.

Back for cash
April 25: A 53-year-old woman was arrested after she allegedly stole items from a Post Street business, returned them and then used the cash for a purchase.

Pried open
April 25: Two unidentified suspects pried open several Concordia Drive mailboxes and stole the mail.

Home invaded
April 24: thieves broke into a Williston Way home.

Even more …
April 24: A woman reported that someone stole items from her vehicle parked on Sophia Parkway.

Three’s a crowd
April 23: Two men, both 18, and a 17-year-old boy reportedly stole alcohol from a Post Street business. The men were arrested; the juvenile was cited and released to his parents.

We know you
April 23: Deputies arrested a 34-year-old man who had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest after they found him reportedly driving without identification on Ridgeview Drive.

Drugs found
April 23: A 20-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man were arrested on Hensley Circle after a deputy reportedly found them in possession of narcotics.

Under age
April 23: A 20-year-old man was cited for allegedly possessing alcohol on Ingleside Way.

Bling burgled
April 22: A thief broke into a Keswick Drive home and stole jewelry.

No smoking
April 22: A 17-year-old boy was arrested after deputies reportedly found marijuana and tobacco in his vehicle stopped on Timberline Ridge Drive.

Not amusing
April 21: A burglar stole three guns from a Muse Drive home.

Goods gone
April 20: Thieves forced their way into a vehicle on Francisco Drive and stole several items.

Wild hideout
April 19: Deputies responding to a call about juveniles shooting guns near Valley view Parkway reportedly found a campsite that contained ammunition and a large blade knife. No one was arrested.

Not too bright
April 18: A deputy pulled over a vehicle with one headlight out on Vine Street and reportedly discovered that the 18-year-old male driver had a dangerous weapon. The man was arrested.

Car burglary
April 17: A vehicle burglary was reported on Silva Valley Parkway. The next day vehicles on Winterfield Drive, Lakeridge Court and Salmon Falls road were also burglarized.

Drifted away
April 17: A thief opened the back door of a Driftwood Circle home and stole a bank pouch containing $1,500.

Dangerous dog
April 16: Deputies located a reportedly vicious dog in Town Center and called Animal Services.

Missing pup
April 16: A Keswick Drive resident reported that someone stole her dog.

Kick-starting trouble
April 16: A burglar reportedly kicked open the front door of an Arches Avenue home. Another door on Muse Drive also looked as if someone had tied to kick it in.

Difficult arrest
April 15: An allegedly intoxicated 42-year-old man reportedly tried to strike a deputy as he attempted to take the suspect into custody in Town Center.

No booze
April 15: A 16-year-old boy was allegedly caught stealing alcohol from Nugget Market.

More missing mail
April 15: A Ridgeview Drive reported some of his mail stolen.

Phony money
April 14: A Target employee reported that someone paid for a $220 purchase with counterfeit bills.

Lo-down on the run-down
April 14: Three people in Town Center tried to stop a thief who had stolen a business sign. When the suspect, a 64-year-old man, tried to flee the scene he reportedly hit the Good Samaritans with his car. He was arrested.

Theft computed
April 14: Someone busted out the passenger window of a vehicle parked on Wilson Boulevard and stole a bag containing two laptop computers.

April 14: Two screen windows were pried from their frames at a Promontory Point Drive residence but the audible alarm apparently scared the would-be thief away.

Gun found
April 12: A firearm was found on Summer Court.

Thieves at work
April 12: Burglars entered a closed construction site on Saratoga Way, forced open storage containers and stole tools and copper wire.

April 11: A 53-year-old woman was arrested after deputies reportedly found her under the influence of alcohol on Vine Street and in violation of her probation.

Neighborhood watch
April 11: A Muse Drive resident photographed a suspicious vehicle in her neighborhood following a plague of day-time burglaries. A 26-year-old man in the vehicle reportedly tried to provoke a physical altercation. Deputies issued the man a citation.

Falling victim
April 11: Someone broke into a vehicle parked on Salmon Falls Road.

A little too much
April 10: A 25-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication on Embarcadero Drive.

Empty mailboxes
April 9: Someone broke into a cluster mailbox on Bailey Circle, stealing all the mail.

Pills gone
April 8: An empty pill bottle was found on Brisbane Circle.

Checked out
April 8: A Latham Lane resident reported that someone stole his unemployment check from the mail and cashed it.

April 7: A burglar busted the window out of a vehicle parked on Sandstone Drive and stole the stereo and navigation systems.

Converter caper
April 7: Thieves stole a catalytic converter from a Toyota pick up on Tea Rose Drive. Parts also went missing from a vehicle on Coral Bells Drive.

Open door
April 6: Bulgars entered an unlocked Dunwood Drive residence and stole several items.

Not part of the contract
April 6: an 80-year-old Mountain View Parkway resident reported that she discovered several items missing from her home following an in-home construction project during which several workers were in and out of the home.

Never-ending vandalism
April 6: More vandalism was reported on Treviso Way.

Petty theft
April 6: A petty theft was reported on Silva Valley Parkway.

What service
April 5: A Bridlewood Drive resident reported some jewelry missing after service workers came to his home.

April 4: A vehicle burglary was reported on Salmon Falls Road.

Super lock
April 3: An Arches Way homeowner reported discovering damage to his garage door, as if someone tried to pry it open. A lock prevented the would-be thief from gaining access.

More vandalism
April 2: A vehicle was vandalized on Stoneman Way.

Bad luck
April 2: Someone broke the side mirror of a vehicle parked on Hensley Circle.

Kicked in
April 1: A thief apparently kicked in an Arroyo Vista home’s front door but did not steal anything

Left behind
April 1: A Kensington Drive resident found smoking paraphernalia on his lawn after he told deputies he chased off a suspicious vehicle the night before.

No joke
April 1: Thieves stole copper wire from a Silva Valley Parkway property.

Back to reality
March 31: Deputies responding to a report  of a person hallucinating on Avellano Drive reportedly found two men, ages 49 and 52, under the influence of a controlled substance. A glass pipe and methamphetamine were allegedly found. The men were arrested.

Purse found
March 31: A purse was discovered on Green Valley Road but its owner could not be identified. It was booked into EDSO property.

Hey there
March 30: A 19-year-old woman reportedly under the influence of a controlled substance, flagged down an undercover, plain clothes officer near Highway 50. She was arrested without incident.

Vandals strike
March 30: A Dorchester Way resident reported damage to his vehicle

March 30: A Hickock Road resident reported that he thinks someone hacked into his computer after falsely claiming that an internal issue had to be repaired.


Another burglary
March 28: A burglary was reported on Monte Verde Drive.

Lights out
March 28: A Gamay Drive business owner reported that a female bought two lamps from her but later canceled payment.

March 28: a Cranberry Lane resident reported that someone tampered with her vehicle.

Car raided
March 28: A Valley View Parkway resident reported a vehicle burglary.

Overnight burglary
March 27: A burglar busted a window next to the front door of an Appaloosa Court home while the residents were gone and stole televisions, computers and jewelry.

Missing mail
March 27: Someone forced open two cluster mailboxes on Orofino Drive and stole mail.

March 27: A residential burglar alarm sent deputies to an Arched Avenue home.

Checking out
March 26: Deputies investigated evidence of vandalism on Investment Boulevard.

Conspiracy revealed
March 26: Two 18-year-old men were arrested after they reportedly conspired to and then committed an act of vandalism and later allegedly lied to investigators.

March 26: Two 14-year-old girls received citations and were released to their parents after they allegedly tried to steal alcohol and some small items from a Post Street supermarket.

Business burglarized
March 26: A thief broke into a Park Drive business in the early morning hours.

Destroyed evidence
March 25: During a traffic stop on Stonehurst Drive an 18-year-old drover reportedly destroyed evidence of a crime.

One-sided exchange
March 25: a Murcia Way resident reported that she paid for concert tickets through an online sale but never received them.

Difficult proposal
March 24: A Valley View Parkway resident reported that he thinks his neighbor received an engagement ring belonging to the man’s wife but did not return it to its rightful owners and now denies ever having it.

Door to door
March 24: A Campbell Ranch Drive resident reported two door-too-door salesmen in the area. Deputies stopped the two and advised them of permits required,

March 24: An unidentified suspect allegedly busted the window on a Francisco Drive business, using a chair in the attack.

More car trouble
March 23: A 16-year-old girl reported vandalism to her vehicle.

Spouting off
March 22: An Umpqua bank manager reported that someone stole three brass downspouts from the building on El Dorado Hills Boulevard.

More trouble on Francisco
March 22: Another vehicle burglary was reported on Francisco Drive.

Easy access
March 21: A thief took advantage of an unlocked car on Ventura Court, stealing several items.

Superior security
March 20: A security system apparently spooked a would-be burglar who pried open a Queen Mary Court home’s front window open while the homeowner was asleep.

Good boost
March 20: A burglar busted out the window of a vehicle parked on Francisco Drove and stole a purse, a GPS and a pair of sunglasses.

March 19: A deputy conducting a traffic stop on Brisbane Circle reportedly confiscated marijuana and booked it for destruction.

All in the family
March 19: A 57-year-old woman reportedly got into a fight with her 30-year-old daughter-in-law and the woman’s husband reportedly injured the daughter-in-law while trying to break up the altercation.

March 19: Someone stole several items from a vehicle on Yellowstone Lane.

March 18: Deputies arrested a 21-year-old man on suspicion of public intoxication on Embarcadero Drive.

March 18: A 36-year-old woman reported a burglary on Francisco Drive.

Dirty tactics
March 16: A 34-year-old man was arrested on Montrose Way after deputies reportedly found him soliciting cleaning supplies without a proper license and they discovered he had an out of state warrant.

Higher education
March 16: An 18-year-old student reportedly brought marijuana to school. The young man was cited and released.

March 15: Deputies arrested a 19-year-old man on Devon Way on suspicion of disorderly conduct.’

Missing jewels
March 14: A Manchester Drive resident reported jewelry missing from her home.

Long haul
March 14: At least 500 feet of rigid wave guide lined with copper was stolen from a Latrobe Road microwave tower.

Triple strike
March 14: Two vehicle owners parked on King John Way reported vehicle burglaries. Some suspects have been identified. A third victim reported that someone tampered with her vehicle.

Cleaned out
March 14: a Manchester Drive resident reported that she suspected an employee of a carpet cleaning business stole her jewelry.

Salmon Falls trouble
March 13 & 14: Two vehicle burglaries were reported on Salmon Falls Road.

Tools taken
March 12: Burglars struck at a Park Drive business, stealing several tools.

Reality bites
March 9: While a 21-year-old man escaped to the movies a thief stole items from his vehicle parked behind the theater on Vine Street.

March 8: A woman on Covered Bridge Road handed over her firearm for safekeeping following a divorce.

Who are you?
March 6: An unidentified man reportedly assaulted a 23-year-old man on Vine Street.

Smells fishy
March 5: Vandals spread dead fish and food all over a Stanford Lane residence’s from walk and front door, as well as on vehicles parked outside. Several teens have been identified as suspects.

March 5: Vandalism was reported on Powers Drive.

Missing lock
March 4: Someone apparently took a lock from a Winlock Way residence and entered the home; though nothing else appeared to be missing.

That looks familiar
March 3: An art gallery owner reported that she spotted a painting allegedly embezzled from her at a Post Street gallery.

Copper gone
March 2: A thief cut several locks to access a cell tower on Latrobe Road and stole copper wire.

In trouble
March 2: A 23-year-old man with an outstanding warrant went to jail after a deputy approached him on Valley View Parkway. The suspect was also reportedly in possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and concentrated cannabis.

Letters lifted
March 1: Someone stole 15 aluminum letters from a Suncast Lane business monument. Total loss is listed as $8,500.

Feb. 28: A 17-year-old received a citation after he was allegedly caught trying to steal alcohol from a grocery store.

Feb. 28: Deputies arrested a 27-year-old man on Dove Tail Lane after they reportedly found him intoxicated and in possession of an illegal weapon.

Theft reported; toxins found
Feb. 28: A 78-year-old man and a 64-year-old woman who reported a theft from their Harlan Drive  property have become suspects in an illegal hazardous waste disposal case after a deputy reportedly spotted more than 100 hazardous materials containers on their property in varying degrees of rot and decay.

Car targeted
Feb. 28: A burglary victim reported a theft from her vehicle parked on Vine Street.

Vehicle burglaries
Feb. 27 & 28: Two people reported thefts from their vehicles parked on Springburn Way.

Feb. 27: A Marina View Drive resident told deputies he thinks a man with whom he had a dispute vandalized his truck. No arrests were made.

Francisco burglary
Feb. 25: A vehicle owner who parked on Francisco Drive reported that someone broke into the car and stole items.

Feb. 23: Deputies used a taser on a man they report was resisting arrest on Hazelnut Circle.

Schoolhouse rock
Feb. 22: Someone threw a rock through the Oak Ridge High School main office front window.

No deposit, no return
Feb. 21: A 45-year-old woman reportedly confessed to stealing items from a Post Street business and later returning them for money. Deputies arrested her and also reportedly found a methamphetamine pipe on the suspect.

Feb. 21: Burglars broke into a Powers Drive home while the homeowner was away.

Follow the prints
Feb. 19: Would-be burglars kicked in the door of a Highland Hills home but were apparently startled by the residents’ return as nothing was reported missing. Deputies did get a shoe print.

Family dispute
Feb. 19: A mother and daughter reportedly got into a physical fight while in El Dorado Hills. No one was arrested.

Pipes pilfered
Feb. 18: Someone stole copper pipes connected to liquid nitrogen tanks belonging to a Robert J. Mathews Parkway business.

Vandals strike
Feb. 18: Vandalism was reported on Park Drive.

In the gutter
Feb. 16: A small amount of marijuana was found in a Ironwood Drive gutter. The drug was destroyed.

Open door
Feb. 16: A Highland Hills resident reported finding an open door and $500 missing at her residence.

Feb. 16: A burglar used a rock to gain entry to a Ridgeview Drive home.

Tired of this
Feb. 15: A vehicle owner reported the theft of his tires and rims on St. Andrews Drive.

Feb. 15: A Marches Way resident reported a burglary.

Public display
Feb. 13: A deputy in Town Center arrested a 17-year-old boy who reportedly stripped to his underpants and paraded around while flashing his public area.

Feb. 13: A traffic stop for expired registration on Saratoga Way netted a 49-year-old man with outstanding warrants.

Stealing from the children?!
Feb. 11: An unidentified male reportedly entered a Windplay Drive preschool and stole cash from donation boxes.

Laptop lifted
Feb. 10: A 45-year-old woman reported that someone stole her laptop left in a vehicle while she worked out at the gym on Post Street.

Feb. 10: A Fairchild drive resident reported that her home’s back window was damaged by BB gun shots.

Clear getaway
Feb. 10: An unidentified white male adult reportedly grabbed some food and vodka at a Park Drive grocery story and fled without paying. He jumped into a running vehicle outside the store.

Feb. 9: A Gresham Drive resident reported a grand theft.

Feb. 9: A 23-year-old man reported that he left his day-planner on top of his car and lost it somewhere near Entrada Drive.

Feb. 8: Deputies arrested a 64-year-old old man on suspicion of batter after responding to a call on Garlenda Drive.

$$ found
Feb. 8: A Safeway customer found $200 outside the Francisco Drive store.

Salmon Falls follies
Feb. 7: Several vehicle burglary reports were filed.

Campus no-no
Feb. 7: A 16-year-old boy reportedly brought marijuana and smoking paraphernalia on a Green Valley road school campus.

Feb. 6: Deputies arrested a 20-year-old man after they found him allegedly intoxicated and in violation of his probation on Birmingham Court.

It’s a fake
Feb. 5: Another report of counterfeit money in Town Center was filed. The investigation is ongoing.

Stop calling me!
Feb. 4: A Bayridge Lane resident reported annoying phone calls.

Bad check
Feb. 4: A Hopkins Place resident fell victim to a check cashing scam.

Feb. 4: A burglary was reported on Sonora Court.

Feb. 4: An 18-year-old woman reported that someone scratched the paint on her car parked on Harvard Way near the high school two separate times.

Party’s over
Feb. 4: A 17-year-old girl was busted for allegedly trying to steal alcohol from the Francisco Drive Safeway. No charges were filed.

Three strikes
Feb. 4: A 19-year-old man went to jail after a deputy contacted him on White Rock Road. The officer reportedly discovered the suspect had an outstanding warrant and was in possession of an illegal knife and cocaine.

Ride this
Feb. 1: A bicycle was found on Tam O Shanter Drive.

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  • ranya andersonOctober 28, 2011 - 4:17 pm

    my front door eas kicked in nothing was stolen hopefuly the bastard broke his foot i live at 3714 parkway please patrol this neighborhood

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