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Hammond addresses past trouble

By From page A1 | October 24, 2012

Chuck Hammond

Former Fairfield mayor and current El Dorado Hills Community Services District board candidate Chuck Hammond’s opponents have been polite, to date, about the allegations and investigations that resulted in four Fair Political Practice Commission violations while he served the city of Fairfield.

Accusations of influence peddling and financial improprieties dogged Hammond’s tenure on the Fairfield City Council and later as mayor in the 1990s.

Most were never proven, but Hammond accumulated a total of $8,000 in fines while in office. The FPPC cited him twice for failing to report personal loans — once for casting a City Council vote that benefited the source of a loan and once for failing to report an obscure “leasehold” interest.

Hammond was never charged with any criminal activity. He left office on his own terms. Newspaper accounts of his tenure depicted him as a progressive promoter of Fairfield’s community interests.

But the sensational allegations, investigations and violations stymied his attempt to win a seat on the Solano County Board of Supervisors, and have now followed the effervescent youth basketball coach to El Dorado Hills, where he’s one of several strong candidates for two CSD Board of Directors seats. He narrowly lost to Bill Vandegrift in 2010.

Hammond’s past went public near the end of a recent candidate forum when the six contenders were asked if they’d ever been fined by the FPPC. The follow-up question asked if they had any unpaid campaign debts to local vendors.

Hammond replied affirmative on both counts, dismissing his FPPC infractions as tardy disclosure filings. He conceded some outstanding debt, but offered no details.

Deborah Morino can provide some detail. She owns Ink It!, a graphic design and promotional products company in El Dorado Hills, and estimates that Hammond owes her between $250 and $300 from his 2010 campaign for the CSD board.

Local public relations consultant Greg Jones donated services to Hammond and covered $119 out of pocket in printing costs along the way. Like Morino, Jones said he has not been paid.

Local debts were behind most of Hammond’s Fairfield problems as well.

He was elected to the city council in 1983, and became the first black mayor in Solano County history in 1993. Mayor is a separately elected office in Fairfield, unlike the city council round-robins employed by smaller cities such as Placerville and Folsom.

FPPC reports confirm two violations against Hammond in 1991, when he was on the council, and another two in 1996 as mayor.

The first infractions were for an unreported $3,000 loan from downtown merchant Howard Grubb, who advocated a statute that would allow him to display merchandise on the sidewalk. Then Councilman Hammond subsequently voted in favor of the statute.

Afterward Hammond told the Fairfield-Suisun Daily Republic, “I made a mistake. I admitted it. I paid the fine. It’s time to move on.”

He reiterated that sentiment recently in a Village Life interview dedicated to the events surrounding the FPPC violations.

The eternally upbeat Hammond saw the airing of his Fairfield past as an indication of his campaign’s mojo.

“I’m flattered to be asked about that stuff,” he blustered, “because if no one asked it would mean we’re no threat to anyone and had no chance of winning.”

The 69-year-old who likes to be called “coach” rose from his chair, seething confidence and nearly shouted, “We’re going to win this thing.”

To do so he’s going to have to convince El Dorado Hills voters that the indiscretions of his past are the result of periodic cashflow problems, forgivable lapses in judgment and lax-but-innocent political finance reporting.

Former Daily Republic columnist Joel Gordiejew was Hammond’s friend and planning commissioner. He described the mayor as a victim of political dysfunction — a progressive mayor straddled with a slow-growth council that opposed his community expansion and economic development efforts.

“Chuck was energetic and knew a lot of people,” said Gordiejew. “With a little help he could have made some great things happen.”

Hammond claimed he could have landed any one of three minor league baseball teams for Fairfield, including the team that became the Rivercats.

Gordiejew recalled a 1996 Hammond-engineered move of the Oakland Raiders training facility to Fairfield that failed at the last minute over complaints about potential congestion and lack of council support.

More loans

In 1994 Hammond again took personal loans from friends — one of whom he appointed to the Fairfield Planning Commission, another ran for City Council.

Both flamed out amidst a flurry of rumors and allegations that the mayor had taken loans, favors and unreported perks, including complimentary Rolling Stones concert tickets, Kings tickets, a Nevada casino weekend and arrangements for five at the 1995 Super Bowl in Miami.

Investigations by Fairfield District Attorney David Paulson and the FPPC in September 1995 yielded two FPPC infractions and no criminal charges.

Village Life confirmed the citations in FPPC Summary of Enforcement Decision reports available online, but the commission has yet to respond to a request for details on the 1995 investigation.

The allegations and investigations were thoroughly reported by the Fairfield-Suisun Daily Republic, however. The flagship publication of McNaughton News Inc. also includes the Mountain Democrat and Village Life. Several Daily Republic stories, editorials and letters to the editor concerning Hammond’s tenure in Fairfield are circulating in El Dorado Hills as a lengthy e-mail attachment.

The newspaper accounts depict Hammond’s 1995 troubles beginning in earnest following his appointment of WestAmerica Bank executive Marcus Stewart to the Planning Commission over the recommendations of a City Council committee that conducted extensive interviews for the post, and felt that Stewart was too new to Fairfield and lacked political experience.

The DA challenged Stewarts’ residency, noting that he owned a home in Elk Grove, and that the Fairfield address he submitted was that of a former Hammond employee. Paulson ultimately demonstrated that Stewart had failed to properly establish a permanent address in Fairfield.

Hammond told Village Life that his secretary Tiffany was engaged to Stewart, and that he never questioned the residency because, “They were both there whenever I was around.”

The appointment was problematic for Hammond at several levels. WestAmerica Bank had recently announced plans to move its headquarters to Fairfield, the result of a multi-year wooing of the bank by the city, according Daily Republic reports.

DA Paulson also alleged that Stewart engineered WestAmerica loans for Hammond.

Hammond defended the appointment and the loans to Village Life. “He was head and shoulders above the rest of them … sharp as heck,” he said, adding that any loans were unrelated to the appointment.

Stewart relinquished his post in October 1995 under pressure from the DA and City Council, while insisting that his residency foibles were an honest mistake.

The FPPC reportedly confirmed the loan, but lacked evidence to file a separate violation against Hammond.

The mayor wasn’t as fortunate with a second loan from a friend, $5,000 from John Mraz, a fellow Allstate agent who subsequently ran for City Council.

DA Paulson found that Mraz obtained some or all of the money for the loan from developer Stanley Davis, a fact Hammond claimed he was unaware of at the time, according to the Daily Republic.

Hammond’s recollection to Village Life contradicted the FPPC report and his own 1995 account.

“I knew (the loan) was from Davis when I saw the check, but I didn’t think it was inappropriate (because) I never supported any projects for him,” he said. “I just knew I needed it to make payroll for Tiffany until we got our renewals in.”

He also insisted the loan amount was $3,000, rather than the $5,000 reported by the FPPC.

Mraz went public with the loan details as retribution against Hammond for his refusal to endorse Mraz’ City Council candidacy, according to Hammond, who described his former friend’s personality as “very gruff.”

The two had been so close that Hammond and his wife stood up at Mraz’ wedding.

Hammond said he discouraged Mraz’ candidacy from the start, ultimately backing two other close friends, because he didn’t feel that Mraz’ demeanor would play well in local politics.

With details of the investigation breaking in the Daily Republic, Vice-Mayor George Pettygrove asked Hammond to resign in September 1995, a move that would have made Pettygrove the mayor. Hammond steadfastly maintained his innocence and refused to step down.

Once more, a former friend had become a Hammond adversary. Pettygrove’s wife served on the council before him, and was Hammond’s “best friend on the council” until her death, said Hammond, adding, “That’s how he got on the council.”

The mayor delivered her eulogy, according to the Daily Republic.

The FPPC released its report in March 1996. It contained details of the allegations and resulting probes, naming just two as infractions: Hammond’s failure to report the Mraz loan and his failing to disclose a “leasehold interest” on the $1,000 per month lease for his insurance office.

Hammond pleaded ignorance on both counts and told the Daily Republic in April he was embarrassed he made the mistake but felt vindicated by the settlement because the violations paled in comparison to the rumors of wrongdoing that circulated during the investigation.

“People look at me as a human being just like them; a human being who tries, a human being who makes mistakes,” he said. “I’ve tried my absolute best and I think that’s what people see. I’m just Chuck Hammond and I love people.”

Hammond told Village Life that a core group of local businessmen paid the fine for him. “That’s how popular I was; they had it for me in five minutes.”

Was he obligated to return the favor in any way? “They never asked for a thing,” he said. “They just wanted me to do a good job.”

Daily Republic readers either agreed or weren’t paying attention. They named Hammond their favorite politician in both 1995 and 1996, an honor he told Village Life he won “seven or eight times … They stopped doing it because nobody could beat Chuck.”

In a lengthy farewell piece by Daily Republic writer Ian Thompson on Dec. 2, 1997, Hammond confirmed his plans to run for the Solano County Board of Supervisors the following year to “take my smile and hug breaks to a new level,” adding, “I’ve got to get going if I’m going to make Congress.”

That’s a goal he’s hasn’t lost sight of in the ensuing 15 years. He told Village Life he’d still entertain a run for higher office, but only if he knew he had the support. “When people care for you, you can’t shut it off.”

Pettygrove succeeded Hammond as mayor and decided his former boss wasn’t so bad after all. Other former critics softened as well. Councilwoman Noreen O’Regan commended Hammond’s enthusiasm and ideas, even if some were “a little ahead of his time.”

Reporter Thompson credited Hammond with attracting job-creating businesses to Fairfield, including the Hilton Hotel, Barnes and Noble, WestAmerica Bank and the Meyer Corp., netting the city 1,500 jobs.

Hammond’s supervisor campaign was bitterly attacked in early 1998. Randall Carlson’s letter to the editor accused Hammond of “influence peddling and palm greasing,” concluding, “Hammond is not only guilty of four FPPC violations, he is implicated in other shenanigans that would be, at best, serious lapses of judgment.”

Village Life contacted Carlson, who confirmed the sentiments in the letter, which he wrote in support of Hammond’s hard-knuckled opponent Duane Kromm, who went on to defeat the former mayor in successive bids for the county board seat.

Kromm made hay out of the FPPC charges and then delivered a haymaker, a sensational flier attacking Hammond’s infractions and emphasizing the Super Bowl allegation that then-Mayor Hammond strong-armed Super Bowl tickets from Anheuser-Busch for himself and four friends in January 1995, when the 49ers defeated the Chargers.

Reached by phone at his home, Kromm recalled the campaigns. “It was abundantly clear that he was taking money for appointments,” he said. “This is not someone you want responsible for budgets and making decisions.”

Gordiejew conceded that his friend’s downfall was “trying to do the right thing the wrong way … He didn’t always think politically.”

Gordiejew said he saw Hammond as a motivator — a walking, talking example of the power of positive thinking; a big-picture visionary who diminishes obstacles and rarely backs down; a man who’s largest sins were small loans from those close to him and a mix of absent-mindedness and naïveté about  political finance filings.

Hammond never countered Kromm’s attack. “In 13 years of public office, I’ve never run a dirty campaign and I never will,” he said, a promise he repeated in El Dorado Hills.

Mike Roberts

Discussion | 19 comments

  • Susan JohnsonOctober 22, 2012 - 7:58 pm

    Chuck Hammond is a poor example for all ages. It isn't just his past that is shady but his current life as well. He talks a good talk and presents semi decent but under all that is a person of deceit.

  • Noelle Mattock's Ghost writerOctober 22, 2012 - 8:42 pm

    Mr Roberts - did Noelle Mattock write this article for you? This is the same stuff she circulated about Chuck in a widely distributed flyer last election. Noelle also had her friend submit the question about Chuck during the last candidate forum. She's a manipulator that would rather attack Chuck to distract from the 100's of thousands of our tax dollars wasted to settle the lawsuits from her horrible and embarrassing leadership of the board. I've had it with her personal attacks and questionable ethics. El Dorado Hills deserves better. PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN!

  • Mike RobertsOctober 23, 2012 - 8:24 pm

    Most of the Daily Republic articles referenced came from my own archive searches. A few I couldn't find came from the publisher of the Daily Republic. No CSD officials were involved in any way. Thanks for weighing in.

  • M. DixonOctober 23, 2012 - 8:37 pm

    And this was a good idea to bring this here? Really? Like the county needs more lawsuits and poor job performance and legal/ethical issues, as if the Good Ol' Boys in Placerville aren't enough. This board who brought this here needs to be voted out as soon as possible. Really unbelievable.

  • Village Life unbalanced reportingOctober 24, 2012 - 10:58 pm

    Mike - I just read the latest issue of Village Life. Top story is about Chuck Hammond's indiscretions. Another story about Chuck from 1998 in Fairfield. Nearly 3 pages of print against Chuck. The other CSD candidates couldn't ask for better slander press a week before the election. Why not search your archives for what is really going on in this CSD director election. Instead I have to read a mushy article about Guy Gertsch and how his mother raised him well. Guy says he "listens to the community". Did he listen when the largest turnout at a board meeting in El Dorado Hills history demanded John Skeel be returned to his post? Guy says when he joined the board "There were too many consultants" for the CSD. Yet he and the rest of the board authorized the payout of 100 thousand dollars to hire 2 interim managers for 6 months to do nothing but clean up and cover up the mess they created with their terrible leadership and handling of the Skeel issue. The current board also hired a public relations consultant, Dean Jones, to cover up and distract the public about the horrible waste of taxpayer money from board actions. How much is this consultant being paid? That's the news you should be reporting. How come the CSD legal fees have increased from something like 40k a year to over 100k a year. Where is that story? This board wants everyone to forget how incompetent they are and how much money they have wasted. Mike Roberts - you are not helping by what seems to be publishing stories suggested by the CSD boards' PR consultant. Please report the real news as to why there are so many candidates running to try and get Guy Gertsch and Noelle Mattock removed from office so the CSD can stop bleeding tax dollars fixing their incompetence. Guy wants everyone to move forward and the only way to do that is for the voters to have Noelle and Guy moved out of office. Please if you are reading this do a search of Skeel and decide for yourself.

  • MaryOctober 25, 2012 - 10:38 am

    unbalanced reporting = agree with you 100%

  • YepOctober 25, 2012 - 12:02 pm

    We need new Directors so our community can move forward and leave the Skeel debacle in the past. I find it selfish of Gertsch and Mattock to even consider running after dividing our community so needlessly. I will not support re-election for any sitting CSD board members (minus Billy V should he run again).

  • Bullying is not OK!October 25, 2012 - 12:22 pm

    Why were the anti-bullying comments on this article and the Guy Gertsch Article removed? Censorship is not good and should not be condoned by our community! All voices should be allowed to be heard and not just the ones spouting hate.

  • Noel StackOctober 25, 2012 - 1:06 pm

    The same comments attached to multiple stories are often identified as spam comments (from bloggers, web advertisers, etc.). That's why they were removed. Censorship not appreciated at Village Life either.

  • Gregory MNovember 04, 2012 - 4:40 pm

    Guy Gertsch is not selfish in running again. He is doing it in the name of service to the community - regardless of the quality of that service. This is a calling he is receiving from his church. The leaders within his church would be ahead by directing Gertsch to resign and reduce the possible appearance of incompetence and cronyism.

  • Sam M.November 05, 2012 - 8:14 am

    I attended the forum at the CSD, When asked about FPPC fines, Mr. Hammond only admitted to one infraction, and the reason he gave was nothing even close to what is reported here. I'd be willing to forgive past mistakes, but continuing to lie to cover them up....FAIL! We don't need a person like him representing our community interests.

  • Sam I MNovember 05, 2012 - 1:55 pm

    Sam - Does it bother you that that FPPC question was submitted by Noelle Mattocks direction through her friend sitting in the audience? Does it bother you that Guy lies about how he got involved with the CSD by trying to stop the lights and the construction of Promontory park? Does it bother you that he and the board fabricated lies to discredit John Skeel and submitted documents into his file that Skeel never saw? Does it bother you that Guy claims before he was on the board that too much money was wasted on consultants and studies and yet they are currently paying Greg Jones consulting for the sole purpose of covering up the Skeel fiasco with no benefit to the community. How many lies and wasted money can you take? It is time for Mrs Mattock and Mr Gertch to let the community move on. Please vote for anyone but these liars!

  • EDHNovember 05, 2012 - 3:08 pm

    I'm votin' for Tobin! Can't imagine how anyone other than family and close friends can think four more years of Gertsch and Mattock can be a good thing for EDH.

  • Mandy PNovember 05, 2012 - 3:47 pm

    EDH - Tobin seems to have momentum. Who is the other candidate that is running that will have enough following to unseat the incumbents? Crumpley or Clark?

  • Conspiracy theoristNovember 05, 2012 - 4:19 pm

    Seems like you are the one spreading lies and misinformation. Where is your evidence? Show us all your evidence to back up your claims. Clearly you don't have any because you can't even bother to use your name! Get a life! You are setting a horrible example for your kids!

  • Stacy HNovember 05, 2012 - 7:47 pm

    Here's just a small amount of the proof. This board does not have the best interests of us residents as a priority. Unfortunately most people are not well informed of what really goes on in the CSD board meetings. If they did they would see how laughable it is that Gertch and Mattock are even running. It's offensive to me that they are and bad for El Dorado Hills unless you are their friends. They do not represent the community equally! http://www.villagelife.com/news/details-of-skeels-lawsuit/

  • Stacy HNovember 07, 2012 - 1:51 pm

    Like that's your real name. Proof is not a one-sided newspaper article. I have attended meetings. And the only two people who consistantly look at speakers and pay attention are Gertsch and Mattock.

  • Stacy HNovember 07, 2012 - 4:06 pm

    What is your name? My real name is Stacy H. I live in Stonegate Village a stones throw from community park. I don't have time to attend every meeting but I care about what goes on in my backyard. I am saddened that people don't take the time to learn about the issues before voting. The average El Dorado Hills resident doesn't know or care who John Skeel is. If they did they surely would not have voted for Mattock. But the people have spoken and I'll deal with it and move forward. I congratulate our new board member Terry Crumpley and wish her the best of luck.

  • Terry CrumpleyNovember 08, 2012 - 1:20 pm

    Thank you, Stacy. I am excited and ready to serve our community.



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