VARSITY HURDLER Adam White competes at the double-dual track meet against Ponderosa and Jesuit last Wednesday. White finished seventh in to 110-meter, 39-inch hurdle race and seventh in the 300-meter, 36-inch hurdle race. The varsity boys defeated Ponderosa, 83-61, but lost to Jesuit 75-61. See full results for all the Oak Ridge teams on Oak Ridge High Hurdles 39",Varsity, Adam White. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene


Oak Ridge track outruns Ponderosa, falls short to Jesuit, St. Francis

By April 18, 2011

VARSITY HURDLER Adam White competes at the double-dual track meet against Ponderosa and Jesuit last Wednesday. White finished seventh in to 110-meter, 39-inch hurdle race and seventh in the 300-meter, 36-inch hurdle race. The varsity boys defeated Ponderosa, 83-61, but lost to Jesuit 75-61. See full results for all the Oak Ridge teams on Oak Ridge High Hurdles 39",Varsity, Adam White. Village Life photo by Shelly Thorene

SHINGLE SPRINGS — A sea of athletes gathered Wednesday at Ponderosa for a double-dual Delta River League track and field meet with four schools competing. Oak Ridge’s boys teams went up against Ponderosa and Jesuit; the girls teams competed against St. Francis and Ponderosa while the Bruins’ only opponent was Oak Ridge.

It was enough to confuse even the most avid track fans so the schools all contributed to bring in Red Cap Timing to time the meet.

“This is a history-making meet,” Ponderosa track coach Karen Norwood said. “It’s the first time we have automatic timing of the events.”

The Bruins competed very well considering how tough the competition was and how hard their school day was according to head coach Don Aguiar. The school was the site of  the “Every 15 Minutes” program earlier in the day, where the students learn graphically the results of drunk driving. Three top track athletes were selected to take part and missed the meet.

“Usually the kids are all hopping and jumping around, and high-fiving each other before meets, but today the mood was very somber,” Norwood said.

Both Oak Ridge varsity teams defeated Ponderosa but fell to Jesuit and St. Francis — the girls team by a single point. “This is a tough one,” Oak Ridge coach Rob Fairley said. “We’re trying our best.”

Trojan distance runner Benji Xie was still euphoric after breaking the school record in the 3,200-meter race in the Arcadia Meet the weekend before.

“My goal this year was to PR (personal record) under 9-10 (9 minutes, 10 seconds) this year and I knew I was ready,” Xie said. “It was a perfect night, the crowd was great and the track was perfect. It was incredible.”

Xie ran the 3,200 in 9:13.61 at Arcadia. It was a nine-second personal best and he broke Amjed Aboukhadijeh’s school record by a second.

Results of Wednesday’s double dual are listed below.

Varsity boys: Oak Ridge 83, Ponderosa 53
100: 1-Nick Barnett, OR, 11.63; 2-Will Tostenson, OR, 11.76; 3-Josh Jetter, OR, 11.96. 200: 1-Barnett, OR, 23.25; 2-Tostenson, OR, 23.49; 3-Alex Robards, P, 23.84. 400: 1-Robards, P, 51.05; 2-Cory Freeman, P, 53.85; 3-Shay Mueller, OR, 54.22. 800: 1-Mitch Hawkins, P, 2:05.43; 2-Benji Xie, 2:05.50; 3-Evan Baxter, OR, 2:07.18. 1,600: 1-Xie, OR, 4:30.96; 2-Dusty Armstrong, OR, 4:33.68; 3-Hawkins, P, 4:34.16. 3,200: 1-Clay McNamee, OR, 10:08.75; 2-Xie, OR, 10:23.45; 3-Spencer Jones, P, 10:56.49. 110 H: 1-Zach Youngberg, OR, 16.58; 2-Jacob Legge, P, 17.36; 3-Freeman, P, 17.49. 300 H: 1-Youngberg, OR, 42.71; 2-Spencer Orofino, P, 43.72; 3-Freeman, P, 44.09. 400 relay: 1-OR, 44.32; 2-PHS, 47.17. 1,600 R: 1-PHS, 3:35.10; 2-OR, 3:40.09. HJ: 1-Will Findlay, OR, 6-6; 2-Matt Redden OR, 6-6. PV: 1-Paul Anselmo, OR, 10-0; 2-Matt Aguiar, P, 10-0. LJ: 1-Mueller, OR, 19-7.50; 2-Sam Thomas-Pate, OR, 19-0.50; 3-Kaden Mosbacher, P, 16-11.75. TJ: 1-Thomas-Pate, OR, 10-10.75; 2-Donavan Madsen, P, 33-6.25; 3-Ryan Sugihara, OR, 33-5.50. SP: 1-Riley Nooner, P, 46-7.75; 2-Steven Trivette, P, 44-7.50; 3-Will Tucker, OR, 41-7. D: 1-Trivette, P, 126-10; 2-Redden, 124-5; 3-Matt Halford, P, 104-4.
Jesuit 75, Oak Ridge 61
OR places — 100: 3-Barnett. 200: 2-Barnett; 3-Tostenson. 400: 2-Mueller; 3-Alex Fagalde, 54.42. 800: 3-Xie. 1,600: 1-Xie; 2-Armstrong; 3-McNamee, 4:40.58. 3,200: 1-McNamee; 2-Xie. 110 H: 1-Youngberg; 2-Brian Louie, 18.03. 300: 1-Youngberg; 2-Louie, 45.84. 400 R: 2-OR. 1,600 R: 2-OR. HJ: 1-Findlay; 2-Redden. PV: 3-Anselmo. LJ: 3-Mueller. TJ: 1-Thomas-Pate.

Varsity girls: Oak Ridge 83, Ponderosa 53
100: 1-Alexis Davenport, OR, 13.51; 2-Shannon Trumbull, OR, 13.59; 3-Selena Jimerson, P, 13.69. 200: 1-Davenport, 26.95; 2-Brittany Adams, OR, 28.00; 3-Jimerson, P, 29.37.400: 1-Cami Crawford, OR, 1:00.39; 2-Brittany Anselmo, P, 1:02.37; 3-Adams, OR, 1:03.02. 800: 1-Samantha Ralstin, OR, 2:22.60; 2-Maxine Goyette, 2:24.23; 3-Jenna Lambert, P, 2:30.19. 1,600: 1-Ralstin, OR, 5:14.46; 2-Goyette, 5:15.03; 3-Christine Reder, P, 5:25.12. 3,200: 1-Jackie Mansoor, OR, 11:32.69; 2-Goyette, 11:41.67; 3-Ralstin, 11:41.80. 100 H: 1-Trumbull, OR, 15.47; 2-Jimerson, P, 17.84; 3-Molly Tuthill, P, 17.94. 300 H: 1-Trumbull, OR, 47.47; 2-Ashley Silveira, P, 52.17; 3-Anselmo, P, 52.75. 400 R: 1-OR, 50.47; 2-PHS, 53.07. 1,600 R: 1-OR, 4:11.51; 2-PHS, 4:26.87. HJ: 1-Jessica Emde, OR, 5-3; 2-Carina Williams, OR, 4-6; 3-Sara Pearson, P, 4-4. PV: 1-Sydney Blakeley, P, 11-10; 2-Kylee Trageser, P, 8-6; 3-Pearons, P, 8-0. LJ: 1-Danylle Kurywchak, P, 16-5; 2-Emde, OR, 16-1; 3-Blakeley, P, 14-9.50. TJ: 1-Kurywchak, P, 34-4.50; 2-Trageser, P, 31-5.50; 3-Kara Whalen, P, 27-8.25. SP: 1-Coral Willard, P, 30-7; 2-Lambert, P, 27-2; 3-Emma Katzakian, P, 24-2.75. D: 1-Willard, P, 81-8; 2-Miranda McCarthy, P, 70.9.50.
St. Francis 68, Oak Ridge 67
OR places — 100: 2-Davenport; 3-Trumbull. 200: 2-Davenport. 400: 2-Crawford. 800: 1-Ralstin; 2-Goyette. 1,600: 1-Ralstin; 2-Goyette. 3,200: 1-Mansoor; 2-Goyette; 3-Ralstin. 100 H: 1-Trumbull. 300: 1-Trumbull; 2-Lindsay Lee, 53.40. 400 R: 1-OR. 1,600 R: 1-OR. HJ: 1-Emde. PV: 2-Jamie Merritt, 7-0. 2-LJ: 2-Emde.

Frosh/soph boys: Oak Ridge 70, Jesuit 62; Oak Ridge 85, Ponderosa 42.

Frosh/soph girls: Oak Ridge 57, Ponderosa 28; St. Francis 86, Oak Ridge 20.

Liz Kane

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  • drew shelstadApril 23, 2011 - 7:00 pm

    I'm impressed w/the sprint times, but the relay times really depress me! I just hope to god they aren't yelling "STICK" when they hand it off! Do we really need to be reminded of the Olympics where both the women And men can't hand the frieking baton to each other? They have all this speed but can't get the baton to each other? Seriously? My god, I don't have near that speed, but that is something ANYONE, especially @ that level should get down, NO MATTER WHAT!!! If I end up coaching which I hope to do, I will have those kids doing the whole 1,2,3 w/out them even knowing it very quickZyou take! It sounds lame, my god does it sound lame, but so much of what you can do is invested in technique. Especially when you have studs like Usain Bolt crushing the 100m & 200m records. The 100 I knew would be broke but the 200m, was dumbfounding. I was sure that would take @ least 25 years to break, it was that impressive. Unlike what the Canadian Ben Johnson did which was ridiculous even at the time (can you believe he taunted Carl Lewis during the end of the race?) Even then I was shocked, before I was a real Track dude! We all sort of knew he was cheating! Especially because no one even knew who this guy was! Maybe I can help Pondo, who knows? I know Track & love it to death, more than any other sport, & I've played them all, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track & Field, Karate, so on and so forth, I just loved the teamwork & friendships that happened during track season. If I know what I'm talking about, I'm betting w/ Coach Aguiar & Karen Wylie, both the boys @ gals will win league if I have anything to say about it. As cool as that is, it's even more important if some of the guys and gals can get @ least a little bit of a scholarship so they can go to college. I sure wish I didn't ruin my Sr. yr. so badly, to see what I could have done. I went back to my alma matter, & it was barely recognizable to me in all the coolest ways. A turf football field, & an awesome all weather track, made me wish I was born about 15 years later! I have to remind myself that I ran an 11.58 my Jr. year on an all weather track that wasn't nearly as tactically awesome as what the kids have today. People know the cliche' of those that can't do, teach, but I can say from experience that we all want to do, but when you have all sorts of garbage in your back, you miss what you used to do so much, you want to just be a part of of what you loved so much, you'll do whatever it takes to be involved. I was just a little above average player, but I sure as hell miss the compradireie & trying to get better each week I completely understand why people coach. Pondo will be an impressive football playing school again, it's just a matter of the coaching. The truth is as much as I would like the school to be good, I really want the kids to have a chance to be successful getting scholarships to schools that will give them good educations. My lord do I sound exactly what my parents & other friends heard when we were playing ball & doing other sports. My best friend had some of his school paid for by his ability in track, so whatever you do, if you have the ability, get a scholarship in schoolwork over sports because in the long run what you are able to do educationally, smokes what you can do athletically. That is the absolute truth of the matter, no matter how good you are @ whatever you play, it's just not realistic that you can make an sort of career/and or/job of what you find fun.



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